We support Pat Eklund for City Council!

Sierra Club

Marin Association of Realtors

Marin Independent Journal

State and County

Richard Arrow, Marin County Assessor

Marc Levine, Assemblymember, 10th District

Dennis Rodini, 4th District Supervisor, Marin County


Local Government

Matt Brown, Council Member, San Anselmo

Bob Burke, former Mayor, Novato

Paul Chignell, former Mayor, San Anselmo

Colonel Bill Cope, former Mayor, Novato

Pam Drew, Council Member, Novato

Heather Fargo, former Mayor, Sacramento

Diane Furst, Mayor, Corte Madera

Cathryn Hilliard, President, So. Marin Fire District Board of Directors

David Price Jones, former Mayor, Novato

Doug Kelly, President, Ross Valley Sanitation District Board of Directors; former Mayor, San Anselmo

Jeff Kroot, former Mayor, San Anselmo

Frank U’Ren, former Mayor, Novato

Pat U’Ren, former North Marin Water District Board Member


Amalgamated Transit Union Local #1575

Painters Local # 83

Sprinkler Fitters Local #483

Operating Engineers


Annette and Greg Abell

Richard and Delores Abold

Elio Abrami

Marion Allyn

Bill and Joan Almeida

Trent Anderson

Dr. Wayne Andersen

Blake Andros

Al Angulo

David and Joyce Applen

Mike and Lucy Arnold

Gayle Atkinson

Robert Atkinson

Ralph Banta

Valerie Barbour

Ryan and Elizabeth Bartling 

Marcia Basalla

Rosann Basalla

Jan and John Berry

David and Chris Bettini

Nancy Bingham

Ko and Carol Bolter

Lloyd Bonfante

Trish Boorstein

Jim and Kathy Botko

Joan Brannigan

Harry and Joan Brophy

Nancy and Joe Brumbaugh

Alex and Parker Callister

Eloise, Rudy and Michele Callwood

Vicki and Glenn Campbell

Gloria and Lester Carlsen

James Carraway

Rosemarie Cavino

Ramona Chipman

Bob and Bev Comyn

John and Andra Conroy

Crawford Cooley

Meriam and Debra Grainer-Cox

Donna Cox

Bob and Flo Craft

Joseph ‘Al’ and Leona Crozier

John and Rosetta Cullen

Jim and Celinda Current

Mike and Deborah Dacquisto

Karen Davis

Kathy Dean

Richard Delamater

Michelle Derviss

Jeanne Dinkelspiel

Martha Dixon

Jerolyn and Stephen Dolan

Shelley Dorssers

Clarence and Rosemary Dugdale

Barbara and Gaylen Durham

Vernon and Elke Dwelly

Joseph Dyson

Adam and Terri Edell

Warren Edgar

Richard and Suzanne Elb

Tony Elshout

Bill Englehart

Frank Falzon

Gloria and Richard Fernandez

Elizabeth Ferris

James and Pam Flanagan

Charles and Norma Flanik

Courtney Flavin

Floyd Fulmer

Art and Carolyn Gerrans

Blanch Gomes

Ron and Barbara Goodrich

Larry and Diane Grubert

Cathleen Guerrini

Michael Hagerty, Professor Emeritus, UC Davis

Jim and Kathy Harais

Chris and Elaine Harris

Peter and Mary Lou Hayward

John Hensley

Nancy and Robert Hines

Marie Hoch

Irene Hodges

Kit Hoey

Axel and Adrienne Hoke

Wally Holmes

Gayle Hunter

Jan Hutchinson

Cliff Jacobs

Dan and Lyn Jacoby

Erlys Jedlicka

Craig Jensen

Paul Jensen

Ruth Johansen

Pat and Dan Johnstone

Gary Jones

Sandra Karlovic

Rich and Nancy Keaton

Larry Kennings

B.F. and Carolyn King

David King

Doug and Catherine Kirby

Susan Kirsch

Harold Koering           

Matthew Kratoville

Cynthia Landi

Ronn Landsmann

Patricia Leonard

Michelle and Jack Liberati

David Long

Lauren Vreeland Long

Pamela Lunstead

Marjorie Macris

Beth Marcus

Jill and Gonzalo Martinez

Tom Martz

Mary and Larry Marvier

Laurie Angel McGuinness

John McHale

Madelon Montobbio

Cynthia and Kevin Moses

Edna Muse

Jack Neil, retired SF Fire Dept

Barbara Neil

Dennis and June Nuttman

Fate Olds

Richard Panizo

John Parnell

Gael Perrin

Toni Piazza

Tony Tufo and Linda Peisson

Bruce Piper

Eileen Plunkett

Sal and Lorraine Priolo

Bob and Olivia Puett

Charles Ralston

Andrew Rask

Ron and Leslie Rauhecker

Terri Reyes

Donna Bellucci-Rich

Gary Rich

John and Patricia Richter

Susan and John Ristow

Guy and Nancy Robinson

Alan and Judith Rosenbloom

Bob and Carole Ross

Fran Rozoff

Andres Rubio

Tracey Ruiz

Patricia Sanders

Dennis Sato

Leslie Schaaf

Larry and Lynda Scheibel

Werner Schmidt

Ray Schneider

Ed and Marilyn Schulze

Don Scioli

Leonard and Judy Shaw

Jay Shelfer

Ed and Judy Shelley

Christine Sleight

Eleanor Sluis

Margie Snow

Christie Spina

Peggy Takeyama

Dorothy and Joshua Thomas

Michalene and Henry Thone

Don and Barbara Tornberg

Jennifer and John Troia

Sharlene and Eric VanBoer

Ron and Deanna Vela

Kim Vogee

Rosalie and Ralph Webb

Patrick Wheatley

Scott and Sue Wilson

Steve Wozenski


and many more …