Pat on the Issues

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Affordable Housing >>

Future affordable housing needs to be compatible with our neighborhoods and small town character.

Budget >>

There is no question: We’ve started doing things differently in Novato.

Downtown Revitalization >>

I am fully committed to making our downtown lively, prosperous and truly the heart of the Novato community.

Transportation >>

Improving transportation and ending gridlock on our freeways and highways is one of the biggest challenges we face.

Youth Issues >>

Youth are one of our most precious resources and must be given the ability to grow into responsible citizens.

Juvenile Crime >>

If juvenile crime isn’t fought on the streets by the police, in the classrooms by the teachers and in the homes by parents, we are bound for failure.

Seniors >>

The two most important areas that we need to address for seniors are housing and transportation.

Environmental Protection >>

One of my many passions has been working to expanding and making it more convenient for our residents to recycle, reduce and reuse.

Pat and constituents enter bus
Novato Hills
Pat with children with their bicycles