Pat speaking with constituent

A Message from Pat

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our community on the Novato City Council.  Public service is an honor and a privilege for anyone, but for me it means much more.

It means getting under the hood of city government and working with the community so we can make the very best decisions.  It means standing up for our values and demanding better for Novato than politics-as-usual.

These are tough times, and Novato needs leaders who have proven they can make tough decisions.

I have a strong record as a public advocate making sure that government is working for all of us – not just for the people who work in government. I believe we need to:

  • Maintain the unique charm and spirit of Novato by ensuring future development is compatible with our neighborhoods and small town character!
  • Preserve our hillsides, ridgelines and open space, provide shopping choices that enhance our small town charm, fix our roads and improve transportation options, keep our economy and city fiscally strong, our community safe, and improve the quality of life that we are so fortunate to enjoy.
  • Stay focused on the most important priorities – and there is no priority more important than public safety.
    Continue to invest in economic development that creates higher paying jobs in Novato so we can work near where we live.

This is, admittedly, a tough balancing act. But we simply cannot afford to make bad decisions, even under the pressure of bad times.

That’s why I believe we need proven, experienced leaders – and that’s why I am running for re-election.

Please join my campaign to protect and enhance our quality of life in Novato.  You can reach me at home by phone at (415) 883-9116 or by email at   I appreciate your contributions to our community  –  and your vote.  Thank you!


Pat Eklund